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Why We Use Vega

“I remember the first time I was exposed to Vega many years ago when I walked past a small table manned by a tall, strong and incredibly healthy looking man at Whole Foods. I was newly vegan and in search of the panacea of vegan shake mixes - one that was not only packed with nutrition but delicious as well. I didn’t want to trade healthy for delicious.

The glow and the radiating health of the man prompted me to hear about this product. Assuming that he not only promoted the product but used it as well, I was very interested in learning how this shake could help me thrive physically, like he appeared to be. After just a few minutes of speaking with him, I could feel the passion and dedication put into this product. Hearing his story about being an Ironman Triathlete dedicated to fueling his body with a fully plant-based diet was powerful and motivating. It was then that I realized that this man was the formulator and founder of this company - out promoting his own product with his glowing health and moving story. I’m so grateful that Ola uses this amazing product in their shakes!” - Jennifer, a dedicated Ola customer and Vega user

Brendan Brazier, an Ironman triathlete, set out to find a way to power his body with a plant-based diet that didn’t leave him hungry or tired. He had perfected his nutritious, whole food shakes at home but found it challenging to keep up this dietary ritual while busy and/or traveling, thus Vega was born. He teamed up with Sequel Naturals founder Charles Chang to put out their first product, Whole Food Health Optimizer.

Vega was built on the principal that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice health for convenience. They found a way to successfully provide nutrient-dense, clean, plant-based shakes and bars that can be easily prepared by anyone. Unlike many other plant-based products, Vega starts out using only clean, whole foods and preserves those vital components with the least amount of processing possible.

While they’re fully dedicated to the health and wellness of their customers, they are also fully dedicated to the health and wellness of the planet as well. Their goal is to be a zero carbon footprint company. From Vega’s ingredients and packaging to their office and suppliers, they are committed to be fully sustainable through their ‘Journey to Zero’ action plan making the entire company and those they work with accountable to this goal.

They found that 71% of Vega’s carbon footprint was due to the CO2 emissions from their packaging. So in 2013 they switched to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles reducing the CO2 emission by 63% and using 86% less energy than their old virgin plastic bottles. They hold true to their goals and commitment to their customers and the planet.

We are proud to offer Vega products at Ola and are excited to show you how incredible and delicious they are. Come in and try one of our many smoothies mixed with Vega.