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The Benefits of Plant-Based, Clean Eating


Time published an article recently about the amount of processed foods that Americans eat, and as you can imagine, the results of their studies were unbelievable. One study they cited was in the journal BMJ Open where scientists found that nearly 60% of an American’s daily calories come from “ultraprocessed” food - ultraprocessed being defined as made with ingredients or chemicals that you wouldn’t or couldn't use at home. The report also showed that Americans get less than 1% of their daily calories from vegetables.

So, in essence, most of what we Americans eat is a mix of chemicals and ingredients that are not created from anything that grows; unnatural, lab-created tastes and calories… an empty shell of what food is supposed to be.

We eat food for two reasons. The main focus in eating is to nourish our bodies - provide our bodies with the fuel it needs to optimally thrive physically and mentally. The second reason is that we enjoy the tastes and the ritual of eating. It is an experience to which we have created emotional and social ties. Many people are consciously aware of these two reasons while others have become very detached from the act and importance of nourishing themselves, thus they mindlessly eat. Mindless eating leads to eating empty, unhealthy foods, eating too much, eating too often, eating too little or too seldom, etc. Unhealthiness is a result of the discord between what we know we should eat and what we actually consume.

Most of us innately understand the benefits of an organic, plant-based, clean, back-to-the-basics diet. Eating real food. Clean food is bursting with nutrients – fuel for our bodies that is ready and available for all of us to utilize. We just need to eat more mindfully and intentionally. If it comes in a box, it’s probably not real food. If it didn’t naturally grow, it isn’t real food. It’s about taking control and going back to the basics of real food and eating with the intention of nourishing our bodies.

Once we start purging all the chemicals and processed crud out of our bodies, our energy level, mental clarity, and overall well-being will improve in noticeable ways. Every cell in our bodies will benefit from the oxygenation, nutrients, fiber, hydration, and clean fuel. We will also find that our palates will change. We will be able to appreciate the subtleties in food that we’ve missed for so long: the sweetness of berries, the different nuances in a sweet pepper, and the rush of flavor in a carrot. Give the flavors a chance to breath and the space to express themselves, and they will prove how wonderful they can make us feel.

Not only will we benefit incredible amounts mentally and physically, but there are a few other amazing things that will happen. First, we will become more intimately connected to our food. We become more aware of its purpose, its pure intention, and the symbiotic relationship we have with these incredible gifts; thus, we begin to appreciate our food more. From there, the tendency is to slow down and create a new appreciation and ritual surrounding this vital act of nourishing our bodies.

As we near the beginning of the new year, let us help you on your journey to eating a clean, plant-based diet… and thrive. We are going to be offering clean eating packages in 3 and 5 day meal plans. These will include juices, soups, and a meal at Ola each day. As always, juice cleanses and kitchari cleanses are also available. Come in and learn more!