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Listening To Your Body

We eat to feed our bodies the nutrients that we need to thrive, yet our busy schedules and daily distractions tend to keep us detached from hearing what our bodies need.

Our busy lifestyles, cluttered minds, and expectations for instant gratification make it challenging to take the time to actually listen to our bodies. They really do speak to us; the trick is taking the time to listen. The symbiotic and complimentary relationship between our minds and bodies is undeniable. You can tap into the dietary needs of your body similar to how you know when you’re tired or need to step out for fresh air.

We all know what food cravings are like. Usually they come on strong when you’re starving and you want that particular food immediately. These cravings usually consist of easily accessible foods that will fill you the fastest. Listening to what your body needs is different than normal food cravings. It’s more subtle and less urgent; more intuitive and less emotional. Tuning into you body and listening to what it needs is an art that takes some dedication and practice.

We should all trust in our body’s ability to instinctually know what we need. It knows when it’s hungry and thirsty and yet we rarely give it the space to give us more details. We fill in that space with what is either convenient or more emotionally satisfying, not what is physically satiating.

There are so many factors at play when it comes to choosing the food that we eat, and each factor is unique to each person. With a little mental exploring, we can track our personal ties to certain foods which can be as simple as something being cheap and readily accessible, or more subtle like a comfort food when stress arises. The trick is becoming aware of those ties that you have with certain foods so that you can begin to filter and refine your ability to listen to your body’s needs.

The start of this process could feel a bit like a practice in trial-and-error, but our bodies give incredibly helpful feedback which will further help your communication. The feedback can come in the form of extra energy, mental clarity, improved hair and skin, or even just an overall feeling of wellness… but we all must take the time and give our bodies the space to communicate these things with us.

The more we practice this life changing art, the easier it will become. Patterns and cycles will begin to arise around physical and emotional ebbs and flows in your life. One may find that they crave kale and spinach around their menstrual cycle for the iron, and another may find that stress induces a need for more antioxidants to boost a lowered immune system.

Keeping a food dairy is a great place to start. Write down what you eat and how it makes you feel. By doing this you may find a pattern that dairy makes you bloated and that eating a gluten-heavy meal at lunch makes you sluggish and tired for the rest of the day.

Take the time to tap in and listen to your body with curiosity and compassion. Don’t be tempted to listen to your mind – which may be conditioned to body shaming or negative chatter. It will maximize your physical and mental well-being while allowing you to thrive in ways you may have never thought were possible. Irritating cravings will subside and you will intuitively know what your body needs to be the best and healthiest you.

Let us help you listen to your body. We have a variety of juices and smoothies, as well as bowls, soups and wraps that are customizable to fill your body with the nutrients you need when you need them.