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Choosing Health: One Step at a Time

There are so many different driving forces behind why people choose to start a healthier lifestyle - an uncomfortable report from the doctor, New Years resolution, favorite pants suddenly become too tight, or the desire to just feel better. Whatever that reason, as long as it has genuine initiative and drive, making that first step toward health can change one’s life forever.

While it is not too uncommon to see people start a diet or exercise regimen only to quit the next month, it’s very important to look at the circumstances surrounding their efforts. Whether it be the monetary or time commitment of a special diet or workout routine, it is so important to create a sustainable practice form the start - one that is based on a solid foundation of intention and perspective.

Success starts with a positive perspective. A healthy lifestyle should never feel like a ‘diet’ or an obligation; it should feel like a marvelous opportunity to feel our very best all the time. What a privilege to have the choice to be in control of our health! This is something that many of us take for granted because of our busy schedules and the prevalence of fast, less-than-healthy food. Once our view changes on the control and power we have over our bodies, our lives and health can change for the better.

Healthy lifestyles are sustainable because feeling good is addictive! When our bodies and minds no longer feel tired, uncomfortable, and foggy because of the food we are choosing and the physical activity we prioritized even in our busiest days, we want to perpetuate that feeling for as long as possible. We then strive to keep it going indefinitely and to learn more ways to continue growing and evolving with our healthy selves. That can lead to even healthier food choices and/or more regimented physical activity, yet all within the realm of being sustainable. It is all about finding that path of health that resonates best for each of us individually.

We all intuitively know that living a healthy lifestyle is way to leverage our bodies and minds enabling us to take on life armed with the very best fuel to radiate with intention and purpose. Sometimes all it takes is to make that very first step, which is often times the hardest. Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” This is a journey that you will never regret. Let us help you take that first step!