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Ola - It's Our Way Of Life...

Ola is here to help provide fast, nutrient dense beverages and food for those who lead athletic lifestyles and individuals who want to take control of their health.

We believe in creating and maintaining a sustainable way of living, for both the individual and the enviroment. We want to create a better future by doing absolutely everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint upon our beautiful planet. We take pride in using compostable to-go items, including boxes, cups, straws, and flatware, and even go as far as using beautifuly recycled equipment.

Finally, we believe in community. We are so thankful for each and every individual that has helped, continues to help, or will help Ola and we want to take cure of them, those around them, and everyone within the community by providing only the best of what we have to offer.

Our Name & It's Meaning.

In Hawaiian, the word "Ola" means health and / or life, and well being. In some cultures, "Ola" is also used as an acronym representing the same values that we, at Ola Juice Bar, live by. The values are:

  • 'Olu'olu - Meaning compatible, non-conflictive, non-dominating.
  • Lokahi – Valuing family and community, and seeing things with holistic eyes.
  • Aloha – Meaning caring, sharing, welcoming, and inclusive.

We strive to help you fortify your life and health, all while expressing the Ola values.

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